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How to create your first store with Magenting


  1. Registration and set up of your store
  2. Store configuration based on GrayScale theme (one of the free themes provided for autoinstallation)
  3. Set your domain to the store
  4. What to do next?

Registration and set up of your store

In order to start we need to open and click the big blue button "Start Magenting"


Here is the popup registration form. Minimum registration fields

  1. Your email, it is used for system mailing on changing statuses and notifications about your stores.
  2. Your name, how should we call you? It is much more handy to address people by name, not just "Hello" but "Hello John Smith"
  3.  Password, used for authorization, It should hold more than 6 alfa-numeric simbols and at least 2 of them should be numbers
  4. Confirm password


This is how it looks correctly filled out.

Click "Register" button. Registration passes without any confirmation emails, so make sure your email is valid. Once you set your first store email will be sent to your email.

Next step


Your first store creation form. Lets go throught it's fields.

First drop down allows to choose a theme from the list of the best free themes found in the internet. This theme will be autoinstalled to your store.

We choose GrayScale as an example (it is also most popular here).

Ok, theme has been chosen.

Now we need to select subdomain. This would be a path to your store. For example if you choose "demo" as your subdomain your initial website url would be

Lately you would be able to add your own domain for your store.

Choose locale - default translation for you store frontend. We have taken almost all available translations for Magento.

Choose password - this is a password for backend of your store. More than 6 alfa-numeric symbols and at least two of them must be digits.


Here is the filled out form. Built in validator does not color anything with red. That means everything should go ok.

Clicking the button!


If everything is fine we are redirected to the list of the shops. We can see one item there. Status is pending, that means it is not ready yet and almost all functions are disabled. At the moment server daemon takes your store from the awaiting list. It defines to which server to place your store, copies files, sets up the theme we have chosen, creates domain and prepares an email for you. Check your mailbox, may be message has already reached you.


This is how a message looks like. You can find ftp access here, path to frontend and backend of your store. Also there are some recomendations of what to do next in case if you don't know.

Now we need to navigate to Magenting to My Stores section


Store status has changed and all functions are enabled.

First column allows to activate/deactivete your store. If deactivated visitors would be redirected to

Second column shows subdomain and anchored to your storefront.

Third column Status - it can be pending, active or inactive

Fourth column shows the theme which you have chosen while installation.

Fith column linked to store settings section (not to the store backend). You can change admin pass, enable/disable ftp access, enable/disable phpMyAdmin access. We recommend to keep ftp access and phpMyAdmin access disabled if you do not use them.

Sixth column shows a link to domain management section. You can assign domains to your store through this section.