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Terms of Service

By starting Magenting, joining us, or obtaining a service or product from us, you agree to all the terms listed. The interpretation of these guidelines is at the sole discretion of WebAndPeople, LLC.


  • To accept the agreement, you must be a human. No robots or aliens allowed.
  • All account information on file (including your contact information) is your sole responsibility.
  • You are responsible for all of the actions performed by your account and agree to ensure that your representatives abide by these Terms of Service.



  • 99.9% uptime is guaranteed for paid services (less than 40 minutes per month). But this is not a downtime guarantee; keep it straight.

Refund Policy

  • Full moneyback guarantee is provided to all unhappy customers within the first 30 days of service. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.

Backups and data loss

  • You agree that it is your sole responsibility to backup all your data and keep a copy of it in a safe place. We backup all data on daily basis, but we cannot guarantee that the data you might be looking for will be on one of our servers.


  • Unlimited resources are nonsense. Everything in the world has a limit, and so does Magenting.
  • Every subscription provides limited set of resources clearly described in the plan.
  • You agree not to exceed the limits allocated to your account.
  • You agree to use your account to host only Magento installation. Please use other services to host something else.


  • Any account, including paid ones, can be terminated at any time without prior notification due to one of the following reasons:
    • Spam
    • Fraudulent activity
    • Terms of Service violation


  • You can cancel one or all of our services at any time by submitting a cancellation request to our operation center.


Changes in Terms of Service

  • We reserve the right to change these terms of service as we see fit.