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Secure Magento Hosting

LAMP environment is used as an underlying layer for our hosting platform as well as for open source Magento.

Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Magento do not give any guarantees.

From that point we cannot provide guarantees that Magenting does not have any weak places in the LAMP + Magento system. However, we are always eager to address any issues that arise with our hosting.

Privilege separation is used at the maximum possible level. Every site is running under its own user, so there is no way to connect to your database from another site, even with a shared account. Moreover, you can simply disable ftp and phpMyAdmin, so that no one (even you) can get to your files or Magento database.

Try our service with your own store. Do not have one? It is a 5-minute setup with one of our plans and completely risk-free.