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With over 15 webshops we were looking for a hosting provider that was specialized in magento.. magenting was our answer! excellent hosting and support! regards from the Netherlands.


Power of Freedom

Plan details

The configuration suits for the most stores with medium-to-high traffic. The requests processing is split between two isolated environments (shown as dashed boxes) which exclusively process all requests for your store:
Power of Freedom - plan details

Separation between web node and database node guarantees database consistency.

Unlike other similar solutions there are no any additional memory allocated for control panels, mail servers and other bundled software.

Isolation means more flexibility and provides more opportunities for optimization, i.e. enabling any specific rules, binary modules, specific software versions etc. according to requirements or usage patterns for your store only.

Technical details

Environment: isolated
System backup: daily (stored for 30 days)
On-demand backup: anytime, single button click from control panel (details)

Limit on domains and domain aliases: 50
Recommended diskspace usage: below 5G
IP-address: one exclusive IP is included, additional IP-addresses supplied as a separate package

Figures below are provided for recommendation purposes only

Expected number of page views per day: up to 100000 per environment
Expected number of visitors in any given moment of time (peek usage): <60
Expected database size: less than 256M
Expected number of products (total number of products multiplied by number of store views): up to 50000
Expected page load time (assuming conditions above are met): less than 2 seconds

Mail configuration

Outgoing mail works out-of-the-box.
Incoming mail service: third-party, to create mailboxes in your domain you can use mail services of your domain registrar or any other third-party solution. Google Mail accounts for your domains can be configured as described in this article.

More Technical details

Datacenter availability: more than 7 global peers (AS8972) (details)
Network uptime guarantee: 99.9%
Service uptime guarantee: 99.9%

PHP memory limit (memory, that single PHP process can consume): 128M by default and up to any value by request
Other PHP variables and loaded modules: phpinfo
Any binary modules, like Ioncube, ZendLoader are loaded by request.
Magento cronjob tasks: configured to run automatically for every store every 5 minutes

WebServer configuration

Magento compatibility: full support + Magento specific optimizations
YSlow / WebPageTest metrics for any server-side parameters: A Grade (details)
URL rewrites: full support
Keep-Alives: enabled
Compression: enabled
Optimization: test-driven on thousands of Spark installations prior to deployment, deployed during scheduled maintenance (more details)
System & security upgrades: test-driven on hundreds of Spark installations regurlary before deployment, deployed during scheduled maintenance (more details)

Technical Support

The plan is designed to provide the most of Magento maintenance tasks automatically, built into our panel or performed via maintenance scripts. Any hosting-related support is included and provided 24/7 via email free of charge. Non-automated Magento maintenance tasks, assistance in Magento configuration, modules installation, emergency recovery deemed as an additional service, provided in Magento Maintenance&Support package. which can be ordered separately, if required.


No any annual contract required.
Monthly subscription.
Automatic renewal: every 30 days (details)
Renewal failure: handled by Support Team (details)
Grace period since failed renewal notification: 15 days
Upgrades to any other plans: transparently, by request to Support Team

Cancellation: any time, within 24 hours after submitting cancellation request to Support Team


Full money-back guarantee within 30 days since provisioning, no any questions asked.
QoS  and uptime guarantee: for every confirmed hour of QoS violation or downtime the subscription period is extended by 1 day. Alternatively, full refund for the current month is provided.