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With over 15 webshops we were looking for a hosting provider that was specialized in magento.. magenting was our answer! excellent hosting and support! regards from the Netherlands.


MagentoMagik Magento Themes Licensing

As a part of our service we offer automated installation for some of MagentoMagik themes.

All MagentoMagik themes we install usually have the following license:


This is a free theme. You may use, alter, tweak, tamper, modify and mangle it to your liking. But please leave the footer link (MagentoMagik template by © Magentomagik 2009-2010.) in tact. I know it sucks, but if you like to remove the links from footer then please sign-up with us for one time fee of $25.


This theme is provided "AS IS" basis and we have no obligation to provide maintenance, support, updates or enhancements. If you are looking for paid support please contact us to discuss further with your customization requirements


Please check MagentoMagik site for detailed information about the license and any additional information regarding the theme.