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Magento Maintenance Service

Maintenance/Support packs

Maintenance&Support pack is a subscription package to Magento Maintenance service. Please note, that hosting support service is included in every package, therefor Maintenance&Support packs are only needed for requests, that a fall beyond typical hosting responsibility (such as changing Magento Base URL, completing Magento reindex process, troubleshooting extensions clash or emergency recovery of failed Magento upgrade).

Development of new features, including development of any design customization or development of new modules is not covered by the Maintenance package. It is designed to cover existing functionality and provide assistance with Magento configuration.

What is a Support work unit?

Support work unit is a unit of measure to count any work done by our Support Team.

1 work unit is sufficient to provide answers to typical questions related to basic Magento functionality or common issues which do not require troubleshooting.

The more time required to solve the request by qualified engineer, the more work units accounted for the resolution.

The complexity and resolution cost for every issue is determined and accounted by Support Team member. When request is deemed to be solved, corresponding amount of work units deducted from the subscription.

Task cost depends on its complexity, urgency, resolution time and durability of maintenance period. Complexity depends on number of extensions installed, incomplete or improperly performed upgrades in the past, corrupted files etc. Durability of maintenance period usually decreases task cost as maintained installation requires less time to troubleshoot new issues.
New issues also unlikely to appear on maintained installation without any significant changes.

For example, Magento upgrade task of clean installation takes about 10 work units, however initially it may require more work units (up to 40-80) to fix previous upgrades first.

Urgent requests

Support request that contain words 'URGENT', 'ASAP', 'as soon as possible' and 'immediately' in its subject or message body is considered as urgent request. Urgent requests are placed into special queue and processed with the highest priority. Resolution cost for urgent requests is doubled, if such request was handled within 2 hours since submission.
Urgent requests that require more than 2 hours to handle are still processed with highest priority, however have the same resolution cost as usual Support requests.

Additional packages Magento Maintenance package /
100 work units
Initial site migration to Magenting
Price $200 $50