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Several ways to use Magenting

1. You are novice at eCommerce and want to start your first shop

Magento is a great platform for starting an eCommerce store. Magenting has a free solution that will allow you to study Magento, fill it with products, set up design and extensions and generally prepare your store to launch. We provide a great opportunity to start your shop with no money investments - all you need is time and intention!

2. You already have a shop with Magento and looking for a proper host

You are very wellcome! Since our servers are greatly optimized for magento your visitors would enjoy the flow. And we have most effective equation between cost and provided resources.

3. You have a shop but with other eCommerce cart willing to try Magento

Yes, it is possible to move your shop to Magento, we provide such service. Our support team will help you to get used with Magento as fast as possible.

4. You are Magento designer

It is very easy to install new Magento store with Magenting. Really fast setup will help you save time. Furthemore if you show your design to potential client and he order hosting with Magenting - you would be able to give the demo to client's ownership. No more numerous setups!

5. You have A HUGE Magento store

You have tried VPS/VDS/MVS or dedicated servers and still unsatisfied. We would be glad to assist you with checking the requirements, load, capacities needed to run your Store smoothly, will it take a one server or even cluster of servers. Just contact us to discuss possibilities.