Fast. Reliable. Secure.

  • Fast OpenMage HostingPeople like to buy fast! Highly optimized servers.
  • Reliable OpenMage HostingProfessional network. Professional service.
  • Secure OpenMage HostingMonitoring, security updates, access control.

Best Effort package

Key features: superior hosting, excellent optimization for OpenMage hosting, intelligent maintenance from our support team. This is a custom plan, designed specially for your store to offer the ultimate in scalability, security, uptime and performance. Simply get everything you need to run your store. If you require hosting for busy or mission critical sites then this is your solution.

Intelligent Support

The experience is gathered with every question, extending our knowledge-base and improving services. The more questions asked - the more knowledge collected, the better service you get. Our team is a team of Magento specialists who really happy to have a deal with M1, listen to you and solve every case, not escape. Every question have an answer, it just needs to be uncovered sometimes.

Congratulations magenting. The support is exceptional. James - Brasil.

james vasques